Our Mission

Our Mission

At DollarStore Pakistan, our actions are guided by a simple mission: Serving Others… For our customers, this means placing them at the center of all we do, working every day to deliver value and convenience through our network of stores. For our employees, this means respect and the opportunity to grow.


DollarStore Pakistan is family owned and operated chain of stores. We offer variety merchandise at the fixed price. The company offers selection of everyday use products for everyone in the household from kids toys to household maintenance products to makeup and jewelery and everything in between.

 The merchandise mix consists of three types: Consumable, Variety categories and Seasonal merchandise. The Consumable merchandise includes candy and food, health and beauty care, and household consumables such as paper, plastics and household chemicals and in select stores, frozen and refrigerated food. The Variety categories merchandise includes toys, durable house wares, gifts, party goods, greeting cards, soft lines and other items. The Seasonal goods include Eid, Independence day and other celebrations across pakistan


We believe your hard earned money is worth more than what you are getting for it. To find the true value our procurement team is spread around the world to find the best deals that we can offer you.


So, why pay more when you can get everything for Rs. 175