The Dollar Store was established in mid 2015 with a goal to give best life essentials to its clients.
Considering the existence theory of "straightforwardness, nature and great quality" and the brand
recommendation of "coming back to the nature", The Dollar store centers around life supplies with
tasteful magnificence. With the fundamental beliefs of superb item plan, staggering expense
execution and happy with shopping experience. The Dollar Store picks up the fame among
buyers, which sets the customized utilization of the family unit showcase. The Dollar store
advocates the way of thinking of value life and in the brand soul of "regarding consumers",
commits itself to giving clients results of "high caliber, focused cost and inventiveness". The Dollar
store acquires love from the significant customers matured from 18 to 35 because of its basic and
quality highlights and keeping pace with utilization pattern.
The Dollar Store set up another kind of life stylish gathering store, which has turned into the primary
power in the retail establishments and shopping centers alongside providing food, quick design
apparel and excitement. It endeavors to furnish purchasers with more intelligent, more
straightforward and cozier items, so buyers can experience relaxed and glad ways of life when

Globally Dollar Stores are part of a well-established phenomenon, as customers are increasingly
spending more money in Dollar Stores across markets. In the U.S., ‘Dollar Tree’ and ‘Dollar
General’ are some of the biggest names in the U.S. discount retailers. These chains have a wide
presence in the U.S. market. Dollar Tree and Dollar General are listed on U.S. exchanges Nasdaq
and NYSE respectively.
The Dollar Store concept has proved its allure to the Pakistani customers, with 15 company
operated stores under the One Dollar Store brand in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore region.
With three new stores opening soon in this region, we have plans to expand our footprint across

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